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Computer hangs up during restart

Computer Hangs on trying to Standby or Hibernate

Computer freezing

Computer freezes up while playing games

Computer Freezes at Startup

Computer Just Freezes

Computer freezes in games

Computer freezing randomly - requires reboot

Computer hangs when asked to do anything.

Computer Freezes

Computer crashing in strange way but only sometimes?

computer freezes up

Computer frozen screen after boot

Computer Freezes at Start-Up

Computer freezing up after first few startups

Computer freezes after a few seconds at the login screen

Computer freezes randomly with a buzzing noise. No BSOD.

Computer freezes on restart

Computer randomly freezing and making a wierd buzz.

computer freezes during boot up process

Computer hangs if left idle and after monitor turns off

Computer freezes within 30 minutes of start up

Computer freezes for 3+ minutes after logon or wakeup

Computer freezes post-boot with any OS installation

Computer freezes randomly during gaming

Computer stopping at the boot list.

Computer Freezes During Gaming

Computer seems locked up on the startup page.

Computer keeps freezing for long periods of time

Computer Freeze/Lockup

Computer Freezes at random. Sound will skip repetitively like a broken record.

Computer Freezing repeatedly

Computer hangs or freezes frequently

Computer freezes when going to sleep.

Computer Freezing and Requiring Restart from Power Button

Computer takes a long time to sleep and occasional freezes

Computer freezes well typing and certain websites don't work

Computer freezes for a few seconds and makes videos freeze

Computer freezing/crashing more details in desc.

Computer freezes randomly when doing anything.

Computer Freezing then Reboot CHCKDSK

Consistent crashing issues

Continuous pc freezes

Control Panel Hangs System Requires Hard Reboot

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