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This must be overridden in platform specific overlays --> 5 4000 8000 5 680

Note: Environment variables cannot be used in the SUpdateLocation path. Syntax Attributes The following table describes Logging element attributes and values. PhoneGap Documentation Documentation is outdated. https://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/4.0.0/config_ref_index.md.html To help you correct a problem, BEA Technical Support may suggest that you set an attribute that cannot be set through the Administration Console.

ShellTransform Yes Specifies the language for the shell user interface. ErrorUrl(URL) Android Default: null If set, will display the referenced page upon an error in the application instead of a dialog with the title "Application Error". This information is represented as a list of values that are used to determine the correct input language, keyboard layout, sorting order, and the formats that are used for numbers, dates, For information about when to use the Args attribute for chained installations, see the Remarks section, following this table.

These applications may include the Administration Console, other BEA products that work with WebLogic Server, and applications supplied by users or third-party vendors. For example, integer values must not contain commas or decimal points, but may have a leading minus sign if the attribute allows a negative value. It uses the following syntax. The latter will open a borderless window spanning the entire desktop area.

Platform x86 (default) Specifies that this program requires the Intel x86 platform. USERINITIALS attributes Attribute Value Description Value value The user's initials Example Copy USERNAME element The name of the user on whose computer the product is being installed. The .txt file name extension must be included. HideKeyboardFormAccessoryBar(boolean) BlackBerry Default: false Set to true to hide the additional toolbar that appears above the keyboard, helping users navigate from one form input to another.

The Domain element is the top-level element, and all elements in the Domain are children of the Domain element. If not, go now… there is solid gold in that post.AboutProject OverviewLicenseFAQsApache CordovaLogoStickersContact UsDocs & ResourcesDocumentationCommunity ForumThird Party ToolsEventsBooksPlugin LibraryWe're EverywhereGitHubIRCTwitterFacebookGoogle+YouTubeInstagramStay Connected to PhoneGapIf you'd like us to keep in touch May be less than the minimum allowed brightness setting that can be set by the user. --> 1 @null 300000 This does not modify the top-level config.xml file, so the element does not apply to your workflow.

This is ignored if ro.config.low_ram is true (in that case this is assumed true as well). If an environment variable is used in the path, Setup ignores update files that are located in the specified path location.